Sunset Hike Adventure Kit

I’m a sunsets over sunrise person & have found over the years you have to stay ready! I keep an adventure kit in the back of my car for the impromptu trips after work and when I’m out around town. You never know when you’ll need to chase a sunset, drive out for a picnic, or fit in a quick hike. Here are some essentials you may consider adding to your kit. I’ve ordered by fun-stuff first, followed by basics for reference while you’re packing!

  1. A picnic mat–unroll for a quick lunch, nap, or seat at the next sunset. I love the Picnic Plus Mega Mat. This will keep you dry, it’s machine washable, and lightweight/easy to hike with. Check it out on Amazon:
2. Unbreakable wine glasses–nothing pairs quite so perfectly than a good glass of wine with a view. I never mind hiking in with a bottle of wine since the glass is so thick, but hiking with wine glasses seems like an accident waiting to happen. I love silicone glasses & there are tons of different sizes/colors available:

3. A corkscrew for the wine–just in case! I’ve actually worked at a couple wine bars and just want reiterate you don’t have to overthink these things. Stick with a double-hinged waiter’s corkscrew, they really are the best:

4. Cookware–I’m obsessed with these mini-cast irons: They’re teeny, but perfect for small bites like cookies, an egg in the morning, or a side of mac & cheese.

5. Headlamp—so much easier than flashlights. Pack one & extra batteries for hikes back after sunset.

7. Layers—Double check you packed a hat, gloves, & an extra pair of socks. You lose heat in your head, hands, & feet first!

8. First-aid kit—REI has a day hike kit that is perfect for the car.

9. Water—I keep an extra Camebak bladder & pack 48 oz. Nalgenes. If you keep these full, you shouldn’t have any issues!

10. Maps— While I love a good trail app, phones die or stop working when you lose service. Bring a map & learn how to read it. It’s always nice to know what mountain you are looking out at on that vista.

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