Take a Hike: Suches, GA

About 30 minutes north of Dahlonega, GA you’ll find a lovely little town called Suches. It’s a great stop off in the Chatahoochee National Forest and I found a hike near Lake Winfield Scott. My dear friend, Anna, lives in Cumming, GA and it was the perfect halfway point for a Sunday afternoon meetup.

The hike is called Miller’s Gap to Preacher’s Rock Loop, a little over 4 miles and only about 1k ft. elevation gain. It was a humid day and we got rained on, but it was lovely! There is something so nice about a hike through wooded areas. While you don’t get the views, there is so much happening around you! It always makes me slow down and appreciate all the little things growing and coexisting. This hike was full of ferns and flowers, a stream crossing, and lots of spider webs. The spider webs were fascinating to look at, so delicate and detailed. Keep an eye out on the trail though as this one is not always clearly marked.

After the hike we found an a perfect BBQ spot–Wildcat BBQ & General Store. Definitely worth a stop, the staff are so friendly and the food is good! They have pickled/preserved items, sauces, and snacks for sale as well. There’s also a monster of a wildcat taxidermied up on a shelf. A little off the beatin’ path, but you really can’t beat these kinds of places.


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