Backcountry Cooking: DIY Superlight Stove

So I read somewhere that you should splurge on trekking poles and go cheap on your stove… A little googling led to  these DIY soda can stoves. Below you’ll find photos of the sweet little set up and a step-by-step guide to making one for yourself!

Soda-Can Stove Quick How-to Guide:

Supplies: Penny, sharpie, ruler, scissors, thumb tac, hole punch, 2 empty aluminum cans, Gatorade (or for the classy campers.. Tang), plastic container, flexible aluminum cylinder (we used fitting on the back of a dryer vent)

1. Draw a straight line @ 1.25 inches from base of can on both cans (the line is gonna need to be straight, so balance the Sharpie on something level..)

2. Cut out can along line you just drew on both cans.

3. Shove both of the cans together, both bottoms facing out. The top of the stove will be the side with the innermost wall. On that side thumb tac 16 evenly spaced holes around bottom and 4 in the center.

–>The holes in the center will be covered by a penny (after you fill the stove with fuel) to push the flames through the outermost holes.. You fill the stove through the center holes though.

–>The two most popular types of fuel to use are Heet or denatured alcohol.

4. Make a wind screen with whatever flexible piece of aluminum you want. Holes punched into the metal help with ventilation.

5. A plastic Gatorade (powder) container works well as a lightweight stove container.

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